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Metal Ankle Cuffs

Like the leather bondage cuffs metal cuffs have many styles. Their are standard Steel Ankle Shackles, Double Locking Police Style Leg Cuffs, Steel Ball and Chain, Decorative Leather and Steel Ankle Restraints, and bondage devices that restrain other body parts along with your ankles such as the Doggie Spreader.

There are a lot of light weight metal restraints out there but for the true player you want quality dungeon aparatus. A heavy gauge metal put together well. Inspect welds for burs and cracks. These can cause cuts and or can break under heavy preasure caused by some BDSM (Bondage Dominance Discipline Submission Slave Masochism) play and Bondage rigging sush as suspension. Check the hinges for quality and that they move freely. Make sure Shackels close all the way to make a seal with litttle to no gap.

With the Police Style Legg Cuffs you really want something double locking to prevent slips. This helps to prevent a shackle from closing to tight after it has been adjusted. The chain connecting the two cuffs should be heavy links and preferably over 12 inches to allow for short steps.

A Ball and Chain for Bondage play should be designed for just that. It is suggested you get something that is holllow and light with a sealable opening. This way you can adjust the weight of the Steel Ball by filling it with different types of material such as sand, Lead Shot, Rices, or any other substance you might think of. These Bondage Ball and Chains have come a long way and are quite decorative in brushed stainless Steel. Be sure they have nice solid steel attachment points for the chain and that all welds are clean with no burs or cracks. Steel ankle cuffs are best attached to the Ball and Chain as leather could rip under preasure of a heavier ball while being drug around.


Decorative Steal Leather Anklecuffs are a nice way to mix Function, fashion and long term wearability by adding the comfort of a leather lining. These ankle cuffs have a jewelry grade steel with a mirror finish. You will probrable want to match cuffs and collars as anything else will mutt up your restraint system quite noticably. Like other Ankle Restraints these also have a D-Ring attachment point. These Cuffs can be used in the same manner as any leather cuff such as with spreader bars, x-bars, chains, hogties, etc...

With the Doggie Spreader you will want to look for all the same qualities you look for in other metal restraints. This device is a great leg restraint, but it also sucures the subjects arms forcing them into a Paschimottanasana position or a Uttanasana position.


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